Why I migrated my Jekyll blog back to WordPress

Find out why I migrated my blog from WordPress to Jekyll and back to WordPress… Many friends asked, so here’s my quick explanation.

„Why the heck would you ditch your static Jekyll blog and replace it with a slow, dynamically generated WordPress site?“ – that’s the question I’m hearing often since I announced my plans to migrate back to WordPress. And yes: I’m a developer myself, so I can totally understand your doubts because I used WordPress on my own to create a website (whyever I did this…) 🙂

Back in February this year when I decided to close my hosting company (Treudler), I had the intention to setup a personal blog and post about stuff that I didn’t know about back then. I just had setup my WordPress and noticed: it’s crap at all, I’m a developer and I don’t want to work with *click click*-software (Klickibunti, as we say in Germany). So I was looking for something that could generate static HTML content for me and I found Jekyll as a solution that can fit my little needs. Not only me started to setup Jekyll. My best friend Tobias also made the switch. You can checkout his blog at tobiassachs.de 😉

From that moment on, my biggest benefit was indeed that BunnyCDN could take care of the static files as I don’t have any dynamically generated content anymore. Means: I didn’t need to manage any server anymore, BunnyCDN does it all.

Now, months later, I have the intention to add more and more content to my website – even if nobody is using the tools or reading my posts anyway, it’s one of my personal reference projects. And as I’m still hosting cor-forum.de, I’m running a Vultr server anyway, so I’m not bound to the usage of pure static content anymore.

Posting something to Jekyll consists of many steps to publish something – at least for me. First, I need to generate the website a few dozend times to see the output of my markdown files (they contain the actual raw content that’s being used by Jekyll to generate the HTML files). Then, I need to push my changes and upload them to BunnyCDN. And I’m not gonna start to talk about how much effort it is to add images and stuff: if you’re a Webmaster, you’ll understand me – if you’re not a Webmaster, don’t worry, it’s not interesting to you. tl;dr: Jekyll takes too much of my time and effort. I just want an easy to use blog, nothing more.

Using WordPress is much easier and less complicated. I can use my mobile phone to create posts with ease, pre-save them, add images on the fly. Instead of just coding, I can use plugins and focus on creating content – because that’s what a blog is all about. You as the user, you don’t care about what’s running behind my blog as long as it’s smooth, fast and looking pretty good, right? 😉

I’m now gonna stick with WordPress for sure. I will post an update in two or three months and tell you how I’m doing since the switch. See you then!

Joshua Treudler

Ich bin 21 Jahre jung, wurde im norddeutschen Bremerhaven geboren und absolviere im Moment mein Abitur in Hamburg. Ich interessiere mich für Digitalisierung und Mobile Payments, seit kurzem schreibe ich darüber mit Freunden in diesem Blog.


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